10 Actions To Be Happy According To Science

Research from the University of California ensures that happy people are successful in many areas of their lives, and business is no exception . So if you want to be a happy entrepreneur and achieve your goals, we present you 10 scientifically proven strategies to be happy .

  1. Be altruistic

A study published in the journal Psychological Bulletin revealed that spending money on other people, rather than on yourself, causes happiness . “People always feel better about donating to charities than wasting money on themselves,” the research concluded.

  1. Write down the good things that are experienced during the day

Those who write 3 positive things that happened to them each night are happier than those who don’t , a study by Martin Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, showed.

  1. Try something different

Changing the routine, seeking new experiences and emotions makes people happier, since the stimulation of brain waves is achieved by trying new challenges .

  1. Prepare for future moments of happiness

According to different studies, those events that excite us even before they happen, also bring us happiness ; for example, the moment before starting your business, preparations to go on a trip, etc.

  1. Paint life blue

Exposure to the color blue gives “self-confidence, reduces stress and increases happiness,” said the researchers at the University of Sussex, UK.

  1. Set goals

Working toward a goal suppresses negative emotions and activates positive feelings , according to neuroscientist Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin.

  1. Stop defending a point of view

Deepak Chopra, a Hindu teacher, doctor, writer and lecturer, raises neutrality as one of the ways to keep us happy . “People can save 99% of their psychological energy and feel happier if they stop defending their point of view,” he says.

  1. Sleep at least 6 hours and 15 minutes

A study by the British company Yeo Valley confirmed that those who managed to sleep uninterruptedly for 6 hours and 15 minutes at night were happier.

  1. The commute to work should not take more than 20 minutes

According to the study of the previous point, the happiest people were those who arrived at work in just 20 minutes. When this time increases, workers begin to suffer depressive and physical problems.

  1. Have at least 10 good friends

Research from the University of Nottingham, UK, concluded that those with 10 close friends were happier than those with no more than 5 or 6.